Besties Forever Personalized Custom Christmas Ornament

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Here is the perfect accessory for your Christmas tree! These ornaments are aluminum with a red ribbon.  They are one sided.

I can fit up to 4 besties on the ornament.  Otherwise it will be too crowded.  Please make sure to put in the note the Bestie number and name, skin tone, hair choice,  shirt, bottoms, headband/hat, and drink.  Please note only Bestie style 2 and 3 can hold drinks.
Please scroll through the photos for options.  Also if you want it to say something other than Besties Forever please leave it in the note as well.

E.g.  Bestie 1 (Christine), almond, christmas jumper, denim jeans, santa hat, cocoa green mug

       Bestie 2 (Susan), golden, plaid shirt, green pajama bottoms, red wooly hat, red wine

If you have any questions please let me know by email or messaging me through the website or facebook messenger.

***Please make sure you added all the options or I will not be able to complete your order in a timely manner.